"Coming Through the Rye" by Frederic Remington

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Coming Through the Rye is Frederic Remington's most ambitious bronze sculpture, and it shows the artist's interest in the wild and carefree nature of the cowboys of the Wild West. 

As Harold McCracken writes, "Coming Through the Rye represents four cowboys mounted on broncos dashing at full gallop, waving their six-shooters over their heads with quirts flying from their wrists.  They have the spark of abandon and deviltry in their hollow eyes; and their mouths are open as though in the act of shrieking out some wild Western apostrophe to the red gods of recklessness.  The broncos, snorting and straining forward, are shoulder to shoulder, and their flying hooves emphasize the devil-may-care of such a mad ride."  The technical feat of creating a sculpture in which the outer horses do not even touch the ground pleased Remington greatly, as he pushed the limits of bronze casting and imbued his subjects with a naturalistic energy.
In 1989, Art Bronze acquired a set of 23 plaster molds from the son of the late artist Earl E. Heikka, who was closely associated with Frederic Remington.  These molds still had waxes within them, which we carefully removed and restored over a period of several months.  While we cannot say for certain whether these waxes were made by Remington for his original castings of Coming Through the Rye, there is no doubt that these molds were from Remington's period and were exceptionally fine.  Please click on the thumbnail images above to see additional views, and then click on any image to enlarge it.
We have cast Coming Through the Rye in our own California art foundry using over 150 lbs. (68 kg) of pure bronze.  The sculpture is finished in a traditional patina in tones of browns, black and amber.  Mounted onto a black marble base, it stands 29" high by 30" wide by 27" deep (74 cm high x 77 cm wide x 69 cm deep).  This sculpture is available in a limited edition of just 1000 bronze castings, each individually stamped in the bronze and with our foundry seal.  The artwork is signed "Frederic Remington" in its bronze base.
You will not find a superior contemporary casting of this artwork.  We guarantee your satisfaction.
For more information or to arrange international shipment, please call us at 818.897.2222 or send email to info@artbronze.com.

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