"Diana of Versailles", after the antique

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This classic bronze sculpture depicts Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, attended by a male deer in the vibrancy of life.  Diana's raised right arm draws an arrow from the quiver.  Her left hand holds part of a bow, the remainder missing, in position for striking; the missing bow transforming the image into a simple pastoral one from one symbolic of huntress and prey.
Since its discovery near Hadrian's Villa in Italy, Diana of Versailles has been considered one of the world's masterpieces of sculptural art.  Its illustrious provenance is evidence of the high regard in which this sculpture has been held through the centuries.  The original marble carving was given by Pope Paul IV to Henry II of France in the late 1550s, who prominently displayed her as among the first Roman sculptures to be seen in France.  Louis XIV installed the Diana in his Palace of Versailles, giving the sculpture its customary name.  Ultimately, as one of France's greatest treasures, the Diana was installed in a special gallery in the Louvre museum where she resides today.  Please click on the thumbnail images above to see additional views of this bronze sculpture and the original marble in the Louvre.
France's famed Barbedienne foundry made this original bronze casting.  The foundry's 19th century markings can still be seen in the bronze base.  The sculpture stands 23" (58 cm) tall, and is finished with Barbedienne's beautiful mocha brown patina.
The classic timelessness of the subject matter and the quality of this casting ensure that this is an artwork to be treasured today and by many future generations.  We guarantee your satisfaction. 
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