"Le Chanteur Florentin" (30" H) by Paul Dubois

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This is a gorgeous original bronze casting of Le Chanteur Florentin or A Florentine Singer of the 15th Century by Paul Dubois (French, 1829-1905).
Strongly influenced by his stay in Italy, Dubois enjoyed great success from the outset with his refined works inspired by the Italian Renaissance.  In this vein, he created Le Chanteur Florentin, which won the medal of honor a the Salon of 1865.  A large silvered-bronze version in displayed as part of the permanent collection of the Musée d'Orsay.  Smaller casts of this sculpture are now in the collections of the museums of Grenoble and Chartres.
The boy's slender, elegant silhouette and long, smooth legs contrast with the extraordinarily precise detailing of the clothing an accessories: shoe laces, folds in his hose at the knees, cuff buttons, the cords and keys of the instrument, his curly hair. 
This sculpture was immensely popular -- one of the most admired statues of the time -- and was cast by the famed Barbedienne foundry in several sizes.  The sculpture we are offering is "la reduction numero 3" and stands 30" high by 10" wide by 8" deep (62 cm high by 25.5 cm wide by 20 cm deep).  It is signed "P DUBOIS 1985" in the bronze base and is engraved with the Barbedienne foundry name and the Collas reduction seal.  It boasts a beautiful patina finish in tones of caramel brown.  Condition is very good and is consistent with its age as a sculpture cast in bronze over 100 years ago, with evidence of restoration at the handle of the mandolin.
This is a fine antique bronze sculpture, made to the highest standards.  We guarantee your satisfaction.
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