"Melting Timepiece" by Salvador Dali

Melting Timepiece by Salvador Dali
Melting Timepiece by Salvador DaliMelting Timepiece by Salvador DaliMelting Timepiece by Salvador DaliDali license seal withDali signature on Melting TimepieceDali signature on Melting TimepieceMelting Timepiece by Salvador DaliMelting Timepiece by Salvador Dali
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The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, hanging in New York's Museum of Modern Art, is the most famous Surrealist painting in the world.  The centerpiece of Dali's masterpiece are his melting timepieces, as soft as overripe cheese and that the artist described as "the Camembert of time."
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We have cast Melting Timepiece in our own California art foundry using 11 lbs. (5 kg) of solid bronze.  The sculpture is finished with a stunning patina drawn from the colors of Dali's famous painting, in marbleized tones of blues and browns.  There are highlights of polished bronze along the outer rim and on the numbers of the clock and its hands.  The sculpture is mounted onto a cast bronze base that is patinated to match the clock itself.  Including its bronze base, the sculpture stands 21" high by 7" wide (53 cm high x 18 cm wide).
The artwork is signed "Dali" in the face of the bronze.  Cast into its base is a bronze license seal with the full signature of Salvador Dali.  This sculpture is available in a limited edition of 500, each numbered and stamped into the bronze.
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