Rembrandt Bugatti

Rembrandt Bugatti (Italian/French, 1884-1916) was one of the most talented sculptors of the 20th century.  In a career that spanned little more than a dozen years, cut short by his tragic suicide at the age of thirty-one, he created an impressive body of work.  His art combined enormous technical skill, formal beauty, and intensity of expression.

Unlike his artistic predecessors who depicted wild creatures in combat, Bugatti portrayed animals at rest -- sitting, stretching, nuzzling, grooming.  He worked from direct observation, creating clay models outdoors in front of the panthers, lions, elephants he visited regularly at the Antwerp Zoo.  While his artistic style evolved over time -- his surfaces ranged from sleek finishes to faceting that approached Cubism -- his compassion for his animal subjects was unwavering.

Bugatti's love of animals led him to Antwerp in 1907.  It was here at the Antwerp Zoo, known as the finest in all Europe, that he was his most productive and content.  Bugatti would arrive at the zoo early in the day, set up his tools outside an animal's enclosure and attempt to capture in clay the animal's inner serenity and natural grace.  He demanded of himself that the fully developed sculpture be completed in one sitting.  If this was not possible, the sculpture was destroyed and he began afresh the following day.  It was the spontaneity of movement and confidence in his ability that allowed him to breathe into each sculpture the exhilaration and joy of life.

Here at Art Bronze, we have faithfully recreated a collection of the very best of Rembrandt Bugatti's animal bronzes.  Please browse the sculptures of panthers, lions, elephants that we offer for your purchase here.  We are confident that they capture the beauty and power of Bugatti's originals in a way that makes them practically indistinguishable from those sculptures cast during the artist's lifetime.  

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